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It's good for simple businesses. But if you want to customize it, it has limitations. Although you can make a lot of customized fields but no formula field. This is needed for things like sales commission. They seem to have a responsive customer service, but seems to need more knowledge in the ins and outs of how their crm works. Pipedrive seem to have good call logging feature. However, when you're not online or if wifi is bad and you take notes, you should always backup. **Sometimes all notes disappear **when the phone gets online. Moreso, their smart data search is not impressive. It's better you do you own searching in Linkedin than to rely on their data search which doesn't search much info. Although it's good that they improved they search function (before it can only search in the name field), which can already search in notes, but it's not yet that thorough still.

Despite these, I still hope they would improve. Thinking now in jumping ship by next year.

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