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This is very very similar to Microsoft Paint. the tools are the same and layout is the same. it is also very lightweight and fast to open. it supports layering which is a big plus. I think every linux should be shipped with this. it comes very handy every now and then when you take screen shots and want to annotate them quickly.



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Crashed while trying to open a PNG file => uninstall Pinta

I had a problem with png files, as well, on Linux. It's been fixed. What OS are you using? If you're on Windows try Paint.net instead, which is what this is based on.

For me it didn't realize i had gtk# installed. So no install for you and me, Pinta. Kind of a PITA, really.

On Mac this is full of bugs. Layers are a mess, text tool doesn't work, errors when trying to open JPG and PNG files from the Finder. Time to find an alternative to Pinta!

Piece of crap on Mac. Nothing works.

elekromin, how about seashore?
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