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No support at all. I never receive any reply from customer support. Neither email or twitter.
The service is unstable, my archival pages are always unable to load because of server error(504).


Pinboard - Well worth the money

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After using Delicious for years, I needed an alternative to avoid the distracting ads and unfortunate new user interface. Though there are free alternatives, I chose Pinboard. What a joy! It has a clean interface, an excellent Firefox Add-on, and many accessible features.

Pinboard uses Tags well. After you click one of your Tags to filter which bookmarks you see, you can click the (+) to the right of any other Tag to further filter your results. That's important when you have 1,00s of bookmarks, let alone 1,000s as I do.

Pinboard imported my Delicious bookmarks and even cleaned them up, separated compound Delicious Tags (multi-word) into single Tags.

Sure, there are free alternatives, but for a few dollars a year you get a great service. There is no free trial, but you can pay and then get a refund within 3 days of purchase.


Introverts Bookmarking System

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Currently I have about 1200 pins on pinboard and used it for about 3? years.

Its a very useful application.

It scales much better than any of the other bookmarking software application I have tried (xmarks, pocket, diigo, tagpacker, google chrome bookmarks)

Its run by a one-person team too if that means anything, and he's got a fairly firm stance on privacy and backups (also very witty and sarcastic too). See here : . Also he recently bought delicious app too last month

I highly recommend getting the keyboard pinboard extension. I bound mine to CTRL+D

Pros of why pinboard is good

  • Its super simple clean interface
  • Can tag as many items as you need to on an item
  • Can save comments related to that URL
  • Good place to store XXX related material if you wanted too too
  • Good if you want to save comments on reddit but have multiple accounts and don't want to save it with reddit-RES
  • Has a tag cloud telling you which tags you use the most

LOL: "Nine fives"

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That's an awesome company name, and almost worth the price of an annual subscription by itself. The developer has a great sense of humour, and the documentation on the web site is worth a read for entertainment value alone.

If you don't get the joke, see: