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PileMD seems very promising!

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I tested PileMD on both Windows 10 and Arch Linux with no issues using the desktop version. Unfortuantely, as I do not own a Mac, I am not able to verify how well the OS X version performs. The ability to move your sync folder elsewhere is very nifty, especially if you want to change how you do your system backups, or just move to a different cloud platform. Because of this feature, it can sync with any cloud service that allows you to pick your own folders to sync, i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive, Pcloud, etc. PileMD also allows for folders (called Racks) and sub folders of content. This is great for the organizer who uses editors like an actual tabbed notebook of sorts. There aren't many options but it does allow for notes to be shared via Qitta (a collaboration platform, think GitHub). This is not something that I have used, so anyone looking to chime in on that would be great. I am an avid user of markdown notes and Laverna is currently fitting the bill for me, along with Cherrytree for other tid bits of notes I choose to take. PileMD doesn't have very much attraction so it's very likely that this project could die soon, however if it does not, I can see this taking a spot in my useful tool box of note taking programs.


  • Move sync folder to any destination of your choice
  • Sync with any cloud platform or storage solution of your choice
  • Beautiful layout and markdown editing
  • Page preview is visually pleasing
  • Hierarchical layout of notes via folders and sub folders
  • Searching is very fast


  • Drag and drop pictures (currently, you must save the picture somewhere then drag n' drop. Because the feature somewhat exists, it's neither a pro nor con.)
  • Single pane editing with toggle option for markdown preview (again, this is subjective. I prefer to work in both dual pane or single pane, depending on how I feel)


  • Project could die fast as it hasn't caught much attention
  • No built in file encryption
  • No exporting of notes i.e. save as PDF
  • Not very many options to do much of anything

All in all, I am having a blast with PileMD and wish the success to this project!