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Great experience using Picatic - Low fees lots of features

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Our company uses Picatic for an annual rally/race event. The service easily fulfils our needs for selling tickets and tracking attendees. Through Picatic, we use the Mailchimp integration for staying in touch with ticket buyers and were even able to set-up Slack notifications for new sign-ups. We ended up needing support for one ticket buyer, Picatic's response time was quick and they were able to solve the user's issue. In the end fees for the service were low, so it helped keep expenses down and didn't drive up ticket prices. I would recommend Picatic to other users looking for a ticket sales platform.


Lacks some basic features

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Picatic looks nice but it lacks some basic features:

  • Can't add other users to the account. This is a bit of a problem for paid events because someone needs to add sensitive financial details (SSN or the company's tax information), and the same person needs to either deal with all the other aspects of the event (e.g. design), or share the login details with other people. Which means they can access other events that the person created. Of course, you can create single-use accounts to get around this.

  • There's no support for event schedules. You basically have to (ab)use the event description. By comparison. sched.org supports detailed conference schedules, and attendees can mark the talks/tracks they're interested in.

  • There's no event mobile app among the features.

I'd recommend Picatic only for simple events.


Hi Dan,

Thanks for your review of Picatic. I just thought I'd address some of your items since I work for the company.

Add other users to the account
We refer to this as Multi-user accounts. We are currently building out this functionality and it will also be included in our upcoming v2 API. This will allow you to create multiple users under an organization.

Event schedules
While you can't currently add an event schedule to your event page with the Picatic Event Creator you will be able to integrate your events into any event schedule tool with our API. Phase I of our v2 API includes GET/POST event endpoints. More details here: http://developer.picatic.com/

Event mobile app
We just released Picatic Check-In for Android. We also have an iOS app. Both apps are for promoters and allow you to manage your attendee check-in the day of the event. We decided to focus our attention on these apps to help improve event check-in while improving our mobile web experience everywhere else: Event Creation, Management, Checkout etc. Our upcoming API will allow anyone to build Picatic into any event mobile app or website and sell tickets from anywhere. http://developer.picatic.com/

Dan, I'd love to send you our API documentation which will be releasing in the next week. Let me know if you would be interested in taking a look.

Brett Ede
Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

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