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Very slow IDE!

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Very slow IDE! And until now all updates makes it slower.

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'Would you provide system specs so others can make sense of your words... otherwise we veterans of all things tech, think you're a kid being a kid. - Thx

AKA: are you using a computer from 2002 with 1 GB ram ?
or a 2014 i7 cpu with 8GB ram and 5 security tools running together...
or maybe a 2016 i7 cpu, 24GB ram, and a primed/optimized system.

Or maybe you're using a netbook ? ...

Best PHP IDE in the market

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Just give it a try :)


Save single file: impossible

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Nice program but only for one reason I can't use it: can not save a SINGLE modified file.
"Save AS" and "Save All" are the only option?!?


It's sad that people can't do much for themselves... like find info in 2 seconds via searching.

Pretty good

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The refactoring features alone make it worth buying. Mercurial support is still sketchy and basic though. Not as fleshed-out as the hg Eclipse plug-in for sure. Not bad enough to put it down on the other hand.



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Why is the BEST IDE for web development is so underrated ? This is THE perfect IDE you can dream about.

You can't really say a feature that is missing from this, and the user interface is so beautiful too !

There is a free version with Earyl Acces Program (EAP) so you only need to pay for professional support if you need.

So responsive, if I want to bring a metaphor for speed, Phpstorm is a gepard and Eclipse is a turtle !

Multi-platform too ! You can use it on linux, Mac, Windows, and export-import the settings in one sec !

There are a ton of built-in keymaps; so switching from eclipse, netbeans even emacs or vim is very easy ! You just set up the keymap you used to and that's all !

Very good version control and task management systems.

Even if you can't find the language support or feature you need, there are a tons of downloadable plugins, or you can make a request to the developers via their issue tracker !!!

You should try it out, you will LOVE it, I promise !
(I'm no any way connected to intellisense. I just love what they built !)