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Appears to have an amazing amount of features and works great for me! I'm very impressed. The app is totally free. After installing, it states that you can use it for a trial period of 25 days before registering, but registration is totally free, just give your email. You have an option to donate to some worthy causes but it's not required. 5 Stars from me!

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One more thing: It works great on Windows 10.


many thanks, i tried this app but uninstalled it the moment it asked for registration, upon reading your review i see there's no need for money.

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Works very well. If you set frame size to 0 the matrixes it produces are clean and professional, you can choose any number of rows and columns.

The 'designed spills' look very good and professional, can make some very stylish collages with it.
I wish it had more options for the designed spills though. You can only select a few prefixed block arrangements. It'd be much better if you could have many more predesigned blocks or better, it says you can use any number of images but if you use folders with more images than it states, you get tons of errors like "No images match the design" or "IMAGE IS NEWER".
The main drawback of this app is it's been made in visual basic 6 a twenty year old abandoned language. It would be amazing rewritten in a more modern language with a cleaner ui.
It's very hard to get the program to actually do the thing you ant it to do, but one you get it to, the results are great.