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Excellent, fast, and easy photo editor with a remarkable number of features. I use it frequently to clean up photos and the various great filters are great fun to use on backgrounds for either PowerPoint presentations or my Windows/Mac desktop. Great fun, very useful, and actively developed.


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Simply awesome.

At first I was like - huh? Where are the support and help files? - but then, curious, I installed and opened PhotoDemon - and, wowwww. Not needed.

Don't be put off by the name (some people scared of demons), this is a heavenly simple app. As in simple enough for a non-technical person like myself to see, almost instantly, what each tool was supposed to do, and how to do it.

Unlike Gimp or some other heavyweight, open source alternatives favoured by RAMmed up geeks wish (wish I was), this won't break your performance budget.

My only question is why the developer has not promoted the hell out of this on social media (they have none) to boost their Patreon donations - currently running at a miserly $15 a month. I can only imagine they are independently wealthy, or intelligent enough to comfortably survive without ample donations.

Without question the most solid 5 stars I've ever given an app, and I've given very few of those.