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Phone Disk Reviews

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Phone Disk is definitely an interesting concept. There are plenty of iPhone file browsers out there (even the maker of Phone Disk has made an iPhone browser before), but it's uncommon to find a program that actually puts your iPhone into your computer's file system. The only other application I know that does this is Touch Drive; however, Phone Disk is free until December 1, while Touch Drive currently costs $20.

Unfortunately, Phone Disk is totally useless for me. It was designed for non-jailbroken devices only; if you have a jailbroken device, you might notice that even though Phone Disk lets you see a bunch of stuff on your iPhone that you wouldn't normally see from a desktop computer, it still doesn't show everything. In fact, Phone Disk will only show you app "media". Basically, that's your music, your podcasts, your books, etc. You can't actually see your iPhone's system files, making this pretty useless for jailbreakers.