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I downloaded TheBrain and wasted a lot of time trying to decipher the point and finally concluded that there really isn't one.

My review:

TheBrain is the ham-fisted, resource gobbling, implementation of a great steaming pile of mediocre ideas. I'm certain that someone could engineer a tractor-sized implement that costs a million dollars to open ketchup containers ... I just don't know why they would or who would buy it if they did.

I object to TheBrain being compared as an alternative to mind mapping tools (freemind, xmind, etc.) that are authentic thinking tools when in reality it is just a very windows-ish way to organize what you already know. There are many free open source applications that do everyting important that it does (minus the glitzy "plex" - think distract folks with a shiny object while you boost their wallet). Still, I suppose if you can be convinced that a computer program can help you remember the connection between a client and a project better than your own mind (a fairly impressive computing machine in its own right) then you might disagree with my assessment, but even then it wouldn't be worth the price they demand.

Software like TheBrain really pisses me off. It is obscenely expensive for what is actually is and does. It is NOT a "thinking tool" like a mind mapper, yet here we are. Based on my review, it is an over-priced paper weight that exists to answer questions that nobody has asked.

If the developer released it as free, open source software under a GPL type license, and then paid for the gallons of coffee it would take to do something useful with it, it might be worth the download. As it is, well ...


Good - Great Concepts - Great Interface Design ...

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(note: subject to version, v9.0.245 )

  • Great Concepts
  • Great Interface Design
    note: interface design =/= interface


  • Terrible Terrible Pricing Model (100+ for casual user is robbery)
  • Terrible Terrible Configurations, Crashes on every 3 moves (configuration only, not in actual workflow)


  • Pretty Clunky at times
  • Menu Options are pretty misleading
  • I have no idea how to delete things !!!!!
    / i tried setting up short key, doesn't work (and its funny half of the functions does not have a default shortkey map), i have to delete appdata files in order to purge the data.

Great Concept, Far from successful in almost every aspect

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Terrible pricing

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Totally agree about the pricing scheme. Completely unreasonable for anyone not using it professionally, and even then it seems unreasonable!

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Overpriced, useful and fun program managed by a greedy shortsighted company who thinks they've found the holy grail and don't want to share it with the world. A good alternative is "Rightnote", which you can get with a discount at bitsdujour around 4 or 5 times a year + Black Friday, etc.

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