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Powerful comic reader

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Very powerful: very good softening filters for low resolution pics, fully programmable invisible/overlay interface that makes advanced navigating while reading a joy. Some ppl mention that they think interface is 'old' or ugly, I don't agree - it is a functional interface. Though I sometimes have to search a second or two to find an option in the menues, I don't know how they would've been grouped otherwise.

Only thing I miss is what's not in the app itself - I would like more interaction with other users and app author, possibility for others to write plugins/addons/skins etc. I have some functions that I would hope the author could look at, but no real way to suggest them.

EDIT: oh, I should mention that I use this on a 8" Samsung tablet, N5120. On a smaller screen you'd have a problem with viewing whole pages. The app can help a bit with that too though, I've tried it with my 5" S5 - use landscape plus zoom to width.

Also, I haven't tried Comic Rack for Android yet.