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Anyone ever been able to export a video in Pencil?

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A few years later and I have changed my mind about the re-written Pencil2D App. It works so much better now and video export works on Mac and PC. It's now a quick and easy way to try out ideas using the raster layer. Changing framerate and cleaning your work up is so much better and it's actually a lovely little application - which is also free.
You can import sound tracks to animate to and this works a lot better now than the old version.

Haven't changed my mind about the vector layer... so my star rating has changed from 2 to 4. If the vector layer and tools worked better, this would be a 5 star application.
Sadly, I can't edit my original title which is now misleading.

old review below___

Tried different versions over the years - you can create line tests really easily using the raster layer but the vector layer is a law unto itself.

However.... try and export either a .mov on a Mac or .avi on a PC and I've never found anything happened.

Just me?

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