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Great Software!!

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If you need a website, this is a phenomenal piece of software to use for it.


Why have you given it 4 stars instead of 5?

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Has a very easy on-boarding process, with a command-line wizard which asks you how you want to configure your site.

Has plenty of mature themes and plugins. My favorite theme is "pelican-bootstrap3".

I did not experience any bugs yet, but even if I do, modifying the software is trivial, because it is open source.


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I have my own blog on Pelican and there are some cool things about it. Pelican supports reStructuredText, Markdown, and AsciiDoc, you can create multilingual articles and articles consisting of several parts. Pelican configuration is flexible and extendable via plugins, so you can easily implement the variant that is the most convenient for you and your target audience. To improve visual appearance there are lots of themes (however, no so many as in Jekyll, Hugo, or Hexo), but the good news is that themes are created using Jinja2. Pelican supports import from WordPress, DotClear, or RSS, which makes it the best static alternative to popular blogging platforms.