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Been using this for years and never had a complaint from my ISP.

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I also checked with two friends of mine who are penetration testers (professional hackers). PeerBlock works very well as a privacy measure for file sharing.



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Literally useless placeboware. Do not think that because you have this running it'll stop you recieving letters, because it won't.


PeerBlock is not a placebo. Two friends of mine are professional hackers, specifically penetration testers. One works at MIT. Both say that PeerBlock does, in fact, guard against spying by companies looking for file sharing.

If you're still getting letters, that's most likely user failure. Maybe you're not using the right blacklists or have protocol obfuscation turned off. Or maybe you have a very intrusive ISP. If you have a history of getting caught sharing copyrighted files, and it seems that you do, then you may be flagged (in which case I suggest using a proxy or VPN). Don't blame a program for your mistakes.