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One of few PDF desktop tools which can provide high compression and the only 1 with great control over compression process.


How is it today? Any trojans or bloatwares or adwares injected in updates yet? (In my view after 20 years in this s/w development industry, In no world will anyone will give pdf editors for free, there could be free OS but not free pdf editors especially when company and its creators are anonymous and not reachable)

@software_critic: Agreed, the software is too good to be free, I seen nothing similar, even some of paid alternatives doesn't work these ways. Perhaps, better one after Acrobat Pro. It's suspicious. But on other hand, seems that all of it is preparation for something different, they provides some online features, and user could create an account. Some of them are paid, fax service, for example.

And what did you mean "company and its creators are anonymous"? The company from Legal Notice doesn't exists?

SpyWare/GrayWare free!!! Tryi...

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Clean download! Free from SpyWare/GrayWare. Trying to find a free PDF virtual printer for Windows 7 results in a minefield of Malware apps. This app is full of features, yet quickly and easily does exactly what I need it to do. I would rank this as 5-stars if the installer would let me choose not to set it as default PDF reader and not put icon on desktop.

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