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I agree PF being a better replacement for the Finder and having enjoyed 7th version I can safely say that putting a 8th beta version on the market and then gradually work out bugs was a bad idea. bugs or no bugs (that's what users are there for ;)) functionality should not diminish from previous version. I am talking about small stuff like rudimentary key shortcuts, but still. Happy the project continuous though.

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Awesome Finder replacement - unfortunately, the current version (8.3.3) is showing some issues.


I use path finder more and more

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With version 6, they really pulled it together. Version 5 had similar tools, but just wasn't solid. By the way -- I haven't had the problems of the previous reviewer. PF works fine on my Macbook Pro, mountain lion.

PF is a very deep application with lots of configuration options. I've been using it now for about 18 months. I think it took me a year to really appreciate it. In part because the documentation is not as deep as the application. And in part because it just takes awhile for PF's extra capabilities to gradually seep into your brain and workflow.

When I'm working intensely on a project, I'll set up a string of tabs to different folders of the project, so I can jump around quickly. I wish that could be automated -- set up batch-o-tabs1 for project 1, batch-o-tabs2 for project 2 .... Maybe it can and I haven't figured that out yet. But I have Keyboard Maestro, and I should just take the time and set up sets of tabs for each project.

I typically have Recent Folders in the left drawer and Preview on the right drawer.

Features I use a lot:

  1. Filter by Name --> Quick! Filter out everything in this folder besides the excel files in this folder so I can find the data I'm using for the analysis. Or show me all the PDF files.

  2. Recent Folders in the left drawer. Constantly using this.

  3. Copy Path -- Give me the full Unix path to this file or folder. When I'm doing statistical programming in R, and need to point at a data file that's somewhere else

  4. Best batch file rename I've seen. You can chain together multiple steps, including RegEx renames and sequential numbers.

  5. Their main Find window took me a while to master. What I do now is navigate in the normal PF file window to the folder (and subs) that I want to search. THEN Find. One of the choices will be to search within the current folder. That works well.

  6. I occasionally use the side by side (split) window. Occasionally use the temporary copy target. I don't use either as much as I thought i would -- usually just use tabs or the recent folders etc. But sometimes they're the best way.

One last thought -- Moom and PF have trouble. PF must have to bend the official OS definition of windows and such to have all those little drawers. So Moom says move window and change size, and the window gets messed up - if the drawers are open. I've told the Moom folks and it doesn't seem like they can fix it. But now -- HMMM -- I realize how to fix it -- use Keyboard Maestro to: 1) close the drawers, then 2) issue the Moom command -- then 3) reopen the drawers. OK, it's a hack, but it should work. [if it doesn't, i'll let you know]

It will be interesting to see which of their interface features get incorporated into the next Mac OS (Maverick). But I'm pretty confident that PF will still be one of my standard tools.

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[Edited by rs123, October 18]


Pathfinder - the app made for slow people

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It's freezing again and again and again when you use it.

It has a great functionality but with all this freezes it is absolutely unusable.

Since the day of my moving to Mac, I was dreaming about something like TC.

I bought Pathfinder, I've tried MUcommander and lots of other apps, but all of them seemed to me as a miserable alternative to beloved TC.


It's still the best solution to TC on OSX.