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The free version successfully recognized errors in my RAM. A bit at various addresses that should've been set wasn't set: It wrote 0xFFFFFFFF, but read 0xEFFFFFFF. I removed some RAM, tested again and the errors didn't occur anymore.

The RAM failures gave me various errors when using Windows (assuming no other independent failures were involved):

  • BSODs with many different error codes;
  • just restarting strait away without a BSOD (a black screen, so to speak);
  • a decomposing Windows session with one app after another showing the busy cursor or silently refusing to work, and files being overwritten with zeroes (0x00) when written to, including shortcut/.lnk files that you click on (I guess, Windows updates them when being clicked), forcing me to hit the reset button on my computer at the first sign of a decomposing Windows session;
  • Firefox drawing large rectangles all over the browser windows in the colors lime (#00FF00) and green (#008000);
  • a frozen screen with the mouse still working.