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Forget about remembering passwords, login with just THREE taps to any account!

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Cyber security experts suggest that we should use long, unique and complex passwords for each of our online accounts. But we all have to maintain a myriad of accounts of online and it would be really difficult to remember and use unique passwords for each account, let alone complex ones. Apps like Lastpass, Keepass and 1Password do a commendable job of addressing this issue, but these are paid premium applications. For users who are looking for a robust password management application but can’t afford to pay, eFUSION Co. Ltd. has released a free password management app called PassKeys for iOS. And PassKeys can do one thing better that other applications in its category; the app allows you to autofill all your login information directly from your keyboard with just THREE few taps!

How to Use
At its core PassKeys is a keyboard extension and before starting to use it you have to authorize the application by going to Settings>General>Keyboard>Keyboards>Add New Keyboard, select PassKeys and allow it full access.

PassKeys is simple and easy to use. Once you open the application, you would be taken to the application homepage where you can store login information such as user names and passwords for as many online accounts you want. You can also add & manage notes for your passwords if you want.

Once you have stored your passwords, you can go to you desired website or application’s login page and open the keyboard. Then you have to long press to access the PassKeys keyboard extension. Then you can just tap on the site name and then tap again to auto fill your user name and password.

PassKeys trusts nobody but you with your information. Only you will have access to your master password and key file. It doesn’t store your passwords on any server and so there isn’t any backdoor available to your login information. The app protects your data with AES and Twofish encryption, which are currently the leading security standards. You have the option of enabling Autolock to enhance security.

While PassKeys is a very good application, it has a few limitations. The app doesn’t have the option for generating passwords for users. The application is limited to iOS only and doesn’t offer cross platform support. So if you use PassKeys on your iPhone, you would have to use another password management tool for your personal computer. But PassKeys offers you the option of importing and exporting passwords to LastPass, Keepass and 1Password, so there is a way to work around this issue easily.

Overall, PassKeys is efficient at what it does and very easy to use. If you are looking for a free password management application, this application is your best option.

Rating: ***1/2