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Great but no longer free

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I still use this software even after Patrick put up what was then a controversial paywall. I'd like to see a true alternative come about but that may take more work than other people are willing to put in.

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Author of this 'software' is very bad-behaved, he cursed people who used his Parted Magic for free but refused to pay for next releases and switched to open products like GParted.
Normal people respect others' choice and don't behave agressively like author of this 'software'.
So, don't use this 'tool'. God knows what kind of hidden malware could such (unethic guy) add to next releases.
Also, all included tools are free, this (unethic guy) is just selling opensource freeware in nice-painted box under name 'Parted Magic' (with is clearly reference to Partition Magic). I wonder why Symantec doesn't sue this thief for stealing their trademark and changed few letters to make 'brand new' name.
[2 stars because this at least works, -3 stars because of selling free stuff under partitially stolen name]