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virtualization no longer costs and arm and a leg & NSA

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Unless you already know exactly why parallels meets your corporate, multi-site needs, there is no reason to invest money exploring this option.

In the last four years there has been explosive growth in virtualization on both server farms ("the cloud"), and end user appliances as evidenced in on-chip support in consumer intel lines.

Also popular spy technique for NSA relies on native hardware virtualization and "always on" internets access even while computer is "off"

Consider unplugging computer when it is "off" to be off.


Coherence mode is awesome

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In case you don't know, "Coherence" mode is a feature in Parallel Desktops that simulates running Windows apps natively in OS X. Appearance-wise, it's sort of like Wine in Linux, except that it works with everything and it's a whole lot easier to configure.

I'll admit that I found Coherence mode to be rather trippy the first time I used it, but once you get used to seeing the Windows Task Manager pop up a few times over Finder, the whole thing is actually really, really cool.

P.S. I recommend turning off "Crystal Mode", which shares your Windows apps with your Mac while you're running Coherence Mode. That sounds nice, but it's not really well implemented. Basically, it just adds a couple (hundred) .exe files to your LaunchPad, so that it becomes impossible to find anything.

EDIT: In VMWare Fusion, this is called Unity Mode. It works about as well.


like Wine in Linux, except

except a hefty price tag