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There's minimalism and then there's trying to sell someone a glorified version of notepad where you have to pay $9.99 if you want to so much as change the font. The writing environment is not that great, it's more of a distraction than anything and honestly, it just seems like the emperor's new clothes in a way.

Being able to at least change from serif to sans serif or lighter to darker themes is important especially if people have issues with their vision or just migraines and eye strain. You're better off with the full screen option of any other word processing apps.

It's a whole lot of nothing that will charge you a whole lot of money for what many other apps do for free. Give it a miss.


Apple shills rejoice! Paper for Mac is _even more_...

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Paper for Mac is even more minimalistic than a piece of paper; you can't write on it and it runs only on hugely over-priced hardware. Brilliant. It even has an "Ultimate Minimalism Mode" which you can access using the shortcut "Cmd+Q".