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Papaly is nice

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I am using papaly since its first days and I can say that this social network is evolving like crazy. Now, it is very user friendly and feels smooth when you are using it. It has some nice features and more are going to be added!

Devs please remember to NEVER stop working on it. I am supporting you :)


Papaly has no other contender on the World Wide Web as of 2017

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I personally love Papaly and before going any further, I want to assure everyone reading this comment that this is not a paid comment post or no one has asked me to post the comment in here. I am doing this by myself because I love their service. Papaly cannot and should not be compared to other bookmarking sites like Pocket and Instapaper because the use of Papaly is totally different. Pocket and Instapaper comes in where people want to save bookmark a specific page and save it for offline purpose or for further reference in the future. Papaly can also do that but it is not for page bookmarking. Papaly is all about resource management. In the information overload world, we cannot always keep track of all of our online resources which are important. Papaly gives a way for organizing all our resources at one place. Since I have discovered Papaly, I have made a whole lot of boards dedicated to different types of contents that I like to keep track of for which there are different categories in each board that I have made to organize all of resources in that board. If it weren't Paply, I don't know how could I possibly ever organize my resources in one place. I am not saying that I wouldn't have been able to organize but it would have been mess for sure. I liked it's interface very much. It also didn't had ads till about a week earlier from posting this comment but I can understand that ads are required to keep the service running as the users grow and the requirement of more bandwidth and more storage increases. I really have become a big fan of Papaly and a big thanks to all the developers at Papaly. Hope you continue to grow.


Not as customizable as it appears?

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It looked good, so I made an account.
I later found out that apparently, you're unable to put your own links that are not predefined in the Speed Dial bar and such? All the pre-input options are useless to me, so this is unfortunately less useful than I had thought it would be.
I also don't know how to unfollow the default boards you're set to follow or make other changes to that sidebar.

I might try poking at it again later, but so far it is not as promising as I first thought, and I'm a bit disappointed. It's possible I misinterpreted what it was intended for and what was available.


Sorry for any confusion you've had with us! You can add any link to the Speed Dial by simply clicking the + symbol. Every section of our site is customizable except our Explore area. To unfollow boards simply click on the board and click on Unfollow. Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any further questions! Happy Holidays!

Papaly Team


Cannot import bookmarks ...

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I really wanted to try this solution BUT here is my experience
I signed up for an account,
created a board
click import bookmarks from HTML
Loaded my bookmarks file into the web site, it loads very web BUT impossible to click "NEXT" to finish import.
I try everything:

  • install firefox extension
  • import with chrome
  • search google for solutions

really ... I don't need this one


Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you! Could you let me know your username on Papaly so we can look into it further for you? I'll have our lead engineer look into this issue for you and release a hot fix!

Papaly Team


Alternative to Pocket

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I like Pocket and I use EverSync.
Papaly looks very promising with lots of features and it seems like a good replacement of both of the above. It even has a demo function to use it without an account.

They really aren't alike, Pocket is a ReadItLater service, and Papaply is a bookmarking services.
It's not like "Apples and Oranges", but more of a "Apples and Pears" situation =)