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  1. URL is alive and valid. Website exists and is as described.

  2. They do offer a free tier.


  1. The actual website / service is, apparently, in Russian. The English version could be machine-translated - does not engender much trust.

  2. The copyright notice in the footer doesn't go beyond 2014 - website (English version, atleast) doesn't appear to have been kept updated since the past 5 years. The last post on their forum is from 2017! You'd be advised to look up their traffic stats on Alexa or such as they don't appear to have much web traffic.

  3. The domain doesn't use secure HTTP protocol (HTTPS) nor is there any kind of security certificate (X.509) - important if you are being expected to host your own original content on their platform.

  4. In response to having been inundated with spam websites, their rules for approval are difficult to comply with. Especially the final clause that their's will be the final word whether accepting a new website or even removing an existing website for what they consider violations.

Final Verdict of this Review: AVOIDABLE (Unless you are targetting Russian readership)
There are better, more reliable alternatives available for free.

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