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Great protection, Light on resources.

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With allways up-to-date definitions against the latest threat, usb vaccine and process monitor it's one of the if not THE best Free Antivirus options out there.

Couple it with an antimalware solution like Malwarebytes and your fully protected

Totally Recomended.

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Error messages in Panda AV with Windows XP since April 2018:

Error message PSUAService has detected a problem and must be closed

Until end of April 2018 Panda AV was the best AV-solution for Windows XP, because it is a very slim AV-application with a low demand of RAM. Now this error message pops up every few minutes, so I must look for another AV-application for Windows XP. Because of this bad behaviour (I think only in Windows XP) I must reduce my rating from 5 stars to only 3 stars.

The latest GData-AV-application (Version with declared function in Windows XP I have found on this german site:
This application, which needs too much space (181 MB) on harddisk, ist free only for a 30 days-test. Then you must buy a licence.

GData-AV25.1.0.12 for Windows XP

I would be glad, if you anyone could give information, what free and slim AV-app is able to run im Windows XP, which I need also in the future for many years, because I use an old very important Borland Delphi 1.6 program in a VMware virtual machine with WinXP SP3. Immunet 6 is very small, but it also is not able to run in Windows XP.


Unpolished buggy UX

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Let me tell you a real example from my experience using it:

  1. I decided to install JetBrain dotPeek — famous and useful tool.
  2. I downloaded it from the official website of this very trusted vendor (JetBrains).
  3. Panda moved it to quarantine as suspicious. It's actually okay, I can see why reflector can look suspicious.
  4. There is no option to cancel blocking and moving to quarantine in the notification box. (Almost any more popular antivirus has it!)
  5. Okay then, I manually went to quarantine list and chose to restore dotPeek.
  6. Panda asked if I'm sure, which is understandable too. I answered positively.
  7. Panda thought about it for a second and them confirmation box disappered like it's done. But the file wasn't restored!
  8. I repeated it multiple times, but no effect.

You cannot cancel moving to quarantine, you cannot restore a file from quarantine. The only effect is that after you redownload your file it will not be blocked anymore.

Yes, I didn't lost anything except less than minute of my life, but buggy UX is buggy UX, which will likely happen again if I don't unistall it right now.

Also, its database is too poor if it hasn't exclusions for such famious developer tools. Virustotal shows no “suspiciouness” for dotPeek installer, for example.