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Good for a limited use case.

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This is a fantastic app if you are in a digital creative field, but it is less useful for those who have needs outside the limited target market.

The good:
The price!
Well done Estimates, Proposals, Invoices, and payment processing through several different credit processors. Good dashboard shows interactions and payments and allows for several different data views.

The bad.

Difficult to customize the basic template forms; requires css and html5 knowledge to do anything beyond adding a logo.
The Pancakeapp Tech support is fairly slow and costly through their ticketing system, probably due to having only three developers.

The verdict

Buy: if you are a web developer or digital-creative and know your way around coding css and html5.
Avoid: if you don't know css and html5 or if you work in a non web-creative field.
Consider something like Freshbooks instead, even though it will cost you more in the long run.