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Best alternative I found for Firefox...

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After FF's UI turned into a Chrome clone (I hate the Chrome's GUI, not my style at all) this is the browser to use, if you're looking for a browser that doesn't look like Chrome and functions like Firefox. Nothing bad to say about this, all addons work and there's also a x64 version available.


A great alternative for Firefox

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Pale Moon is a great alternative for Firefox: all addons work, it's faster and consumes less RAM than Firefox.

I recommend it, if FF is becoming difficult to use, test and you won't have to change to Opera or Chrome. Long live Firefox.

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With Firefox and Opera ruining their browsers (data collection, chrome, webextensions, etc.) and Chrome taking over the internet, I think it's time we forget about the main browsers. Waterfox and Brave do seem like reasonable choices at first, but both of them are built on Chrome or Firefox, and they have some major privacy issues, so they can't be trusted.

As of now, Pale Moon is the only fully-functional browser out there that's completely independent of evil corporations (Mozilla, Google). It uses it's own custom rendering engine, and has it's own extensions. Sure it has that spyware start page, but that can easily be changed. My only problem is that some sites (YouTube) don't work as well as they do on Chrome and Firefox. Other than that, it's one of the fastest browsers. Windows users may argue that Pale Moon isn't secure, but who cares about Windows? I use Linux, and you should too.

For now, Pale Moon seems to be the only reasonable choice for browsing the internet. When Otter gains the same level of functionality as modern browsers, then I might consider using it. LibreWolf is a community-maintained fork of Firefox worth checking out, but it's just getting started and will take some time before it becomes usable.


What major privacy issues does Waterfox have? I'm aware that Waterfox's default search engine is currently Bing (which is a shame) but other than that it does a good job out of the box as far as I know. I'm also curious about why Windows users may argue that Pale Moon isn't secure and why you dismiss this so easily. Every software has vulnerabilities regardless of the platform it runs on.

What major privacy issues does Waterfox have?

I'm also curious about why Windows users may argue that Pale Moon isn't secure

Pale Moon is probably more secure than Firefox since it doesn't include WebRTC or a PDF reader built-in.

Also, I heard LibreWolf is dead now so ignore the last part.

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Like good old Firefox when FF was young, simple and elegant.

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I used to use Netscape since Fall of 1998... I moved to Mozilla suite, then Phoneix/Firefox, eventually Waterfox. Unfortunately, Waterfox has become unusable memory/CPU hog and it's time to say good-bye to it :-( Pale Moon fills the niche for me (although, it does not work with every website that I need to visit). I'm playing with Vivaldi and Otter too.

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Final refuge for desktop DVR/NVR (security camera system) users as 'big browsers' excommunicated WebComponents...


Full browser

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I like palemoon, I use it in addition to Firefox as well as other, for web development projects with the extensions that needs.
Very fast on the other hand its very old, otherwise I have no other things to say to try the, you will do


Since FF52 release, I've sinced dumped all browsers except Chrome, Pale Moon and Edge.

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As a new Mac user I would be bereft if I couldn't use Pale Moon. Imagine going through life with only Safari, the now-wanky Firefox, or some rusty Chrome build? It doesn't bare thinking about really.

Thankfully the unofficial, and very stable build from my experience, is here to save the day. Dubbed New Moon, it is available from the Pale Moon forum here:

Still the only cross-platform browser that actually, and quite rightly, permits the user themself to be in control.
All hail the 'Moon :D

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Pale Moon is a decent browser if your not run 20+ tabs at a time I run like 36 to 42 most of the time it is kinda slugish a lot. Firefox is moving forward and Pale Moon is stuck to like 2 to 2.5 years ago soon no addons will work and a lot of webs pages will not load pale moon will be unsable . I am switching to another browser since pale does not handle a decent amount of tabs open at the same time and it does not handle HTML5 gifs worth a crap.


Not worth it after the latest milestone update

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I've liked Pale Moon as many users here for basically being Firefox before being ruined by strange UI decisions, bloatware and the like.

But after the latest update to Pale Moon (v.26) it is obvious that sloppy coding is becoming a tradition which only increases in importance in making this browser. A lot of websites are simply broken and plenty of basic add-ons lag or downright break the browser.

Most importantly, the official feedback is bordering on Stalinism: although many users considered that v.26 is not yet ready to be considered stable, the veterans and developers said, faced with all the failures and discontent, that it "had to be done", that it is "a major improvement" (in what, they don't say: can't really consider number of broken websites and addons an improvement) and that we - regular users - had to beta test, otherwise we're not allowed to offer feedback.

Well, those who keep using it will have a lot of beta testing to do. I for one chose another stable browser which to my surprise had all the alternatives to the add-ons that kept me chained to Palemoon.