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A fun graphics editor to draw with

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It wasn't until I used Paint Tool SAI, that I had fun learning to use my Wacom tablet to draw. That's because the program is compact, with just enough features that are easy to learn and use. So, you'll find things like line-art layers with simple vector tools, masks, clipping and layer groups, but you won't find guides (except when transforming a selection) or rulers. But not everyone needs extra design features like that, just to draw what they want. SAI is a good application for a notebook or laptop, where you just want to draw something on the spot, and save it as a PSD file to import to other programs later. For what it is, SAI is a **gem **of program, but if you want extra features like guides, animation, or even filters, this is not for you.

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personally just most compatible for how I work digitally, also.... i have it fully DL'd for free > u >'''

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Only for Android?no iOS?ok......I keep broke button .—.

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Where do i download it? emphasized text

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I like it Cuz i see other my favorite youtube using it