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I've been a fan of PaintShop Pro since it was made by the original developers, JASC. Back then, I liked it because it was it was more light weight and ran better than PhotoShop.

Since Corel took over, it seems like they've tried making it look prettier, but haven't really done much with it other than add marginal improvements with each release. I've upgraded with most releases and currently own 2018, though it may be my last purchase.

For the last few years (this review written in 2019), PhotoShop has been getting more efficient when compared to PSP (especially when zooming in and out, or panning when you're zoomed in; it stutters quite a bit). Because of this, I started looking for other alternatives and landed with Photoshop CS5 and started leaning more towards it over the years. Now, Photoshop 2017 is pretty much my main photo editor.

Now wanting to move away from the PhotoShop subscription, I found a decent competitor called Affinity Photo and it's only $49.99 (I got it on sale for $39.99). That's to own it, not a subscription. It reminds me of PaintShop Pro back when it was owned by JASC. Affinity Photo is very efficient (it uses all your cores and your GPU), is compatible with PSD's and by default has the same keyboard shortcuts as PhotoShop (even zoom with the mouse wheel, when setup). I believe Affinity Photo will be my new default photo editor. You can see more about it here on AlternativeTo.net.


That's very similar to my own experience. I was very happy using PaintShop Pro years ago. Then I tried out Serif's PhotoPlus which was sort of like a predecessor to Affinity Photo (which is made by Serif). I liked the layer features in PhotoPlus much better than PaintShop Pro's and it just felt much faster overall. Serif seems to have taken their years of fine-tuning with PhotoPlus and their other editors and turned that into a beast with the Affinity suite. PaintShop Pro is still a great product, it just had too many workflow inhibitors last time I used it. Meanwhile Affinity specifically honed workflow as a key selling point.

PSP was and still is a breeze

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I havent used it since PSP7 but thats the first image editor I cut my teeth on, and JASC Software was one of the early companies that I fell in love with.

Its fantastic to use and a fraction of the price. I remember PSP7 would even load all Photoshop plugins cause lets face it, thats where all the fun was.

I always found Photoshop clunky and hard for beginners. Is it just me or is that a standard Adobe thing?
I wasnt surprised to read this about the psd format.


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It seems to be the bees knees in photo editing everything else I have tried is simply not good enough