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Easiest purchase I've ever made

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After trying a half dozen or so writing apps and battling with Scrivener's idiosyncrasies, buying PageFour was a cinch decision. Easy to use and solidly reliable.


My old writing friend

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I'm not a novel writer, I'm a note-taker. I have used PageFour for a very long time to capture work notes, home notes, personal journals, even sensitive information.

PageFour is a slick and simple writer. It organizes information by "book", which then contains "chapters", which then contain "pages". Or for me as a note-writer; a "notebook", which has "topics", which contains "notes".

Yes, there's this other program called Evernote sitting out there that give's you access to your notes through any device. Well, first, I don't like storing my notes on Evernote servers. I also don't like paying an annual fee for the service. And, it's also cumbersome to use.

For me, I have my PageFour files in Dropbox and I can then access them from anywhere, even without using PageFour, because the files are stored as RTF.

it's a brilliant product!