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I hate it

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I guess my tech saavy is not enough for this wretched software. The install fails. Log in fails. Too many tweaks are necessary just to see if this atrocious software is even for you. There is either a glut of tech info that you have to be a coder to understand or there is absolutely nothing for a manual to walk someone through the process of setting this up using an existing website with unlimited storage. Either way, if you are not a coder...don't go this route!!!!


I'm very sorry to hear that. Installing ownCloud requires some technical skills indeed. Everything you need to know is documented on https://doc.owncloud.org/ - have you read that?
There is also our community forum central.owncloud.org where our devs and community is happy to help you anytime.
Also, with our appliances you get the possibility to set up an ownCloud with a ready-to-operate image. Have a look at https://owncloud.org/download/#owncloud-server-appliance

Unreliable and buggy

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I ran my own owncloud server to share large folders between a team of about 10 people in the last year. The whole thing turned out to be a disaster. Constant error messages form the clients that aren't informational. Can't handle moving folders without creating tons of duplicates. I've seen files or folders disapearing mysteriously. "Deleted items" is barely usable, we only get a list of filenames without knowing their structure and where they were. File lists in the web interface have extra high padding so you can only see a limited number of files and have to spend your time scrolling. Moving to owncloud was a mistake, made me spend so much time debugging the sync errors, cleanup up the mess and searching through backups to recover lost files. Now we're finally in the process of moving to a commercial solution which I hope will be more reliable.

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Try out Nextcloud. We've made huge strides in quality and reliability, something nearly all our customers also remark. Just check out social media comments a bit, or try it out for yourself. I won't guarantee it is perfect, nothing ever is, but a lot better for sure.

Admittedly we did have some trouble back in the days and we're sorry that you ran into trouble. We put in a lot of work since then to make our software more stable again and I'm sure if you give it another try you will be more than satisfied with the stability given today. While others get lost in featurism we're focusing on secure and reliable file sharing in it's core concept.

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I'm using ownCloud quite a long time now and I am very pleased how it simplifies my file handling in my everyday life. I'm using it as a oneClick installer on my preferred hoster which reduces the administrational effort to a minimum. It just runs.
Also very notable is the fact that they really listen to their customers and community. They faced some stability problems in the past (software itself and mobile apps) but it seems they put a lot of effort into making it more stable. In the current state I find it more than reliable and I'm excited about future developments.

Why I don't use Dropbox, GoogleDrive etc.
Well, for the obvious reason, I don't want my data be stored somewhere in the US. With the recent revealments of Apple's iCloud etc. I find my decision to use ownCloud more than confirmed.

Why I don't use Nextcloud
There's a lot of fuzz going around since the fork in 2016. I decided to use ownCloud because it works more stable and I like their focus on the main concept - secure and reliable file sharing. Having a look on Nextclouds github acc shows that they are copying nearly everything from ownCloud which leads me to the idea that the main knowledge is at ownCloud and Nextcloud is not able to develop core features on their own.

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The update function never works. Its a huge effort to get the system over the 2GB single download limit and once you get it set it just seems to want to break. The UI is inelegant and simple things like moving files around, into folder or between folders, is just really a pain. And how you can screw up search so that, well yes it searches, but presents results in a completely mystifying manner. Most of the users we give accounts to putz with it for a while and drop it. Really, 95% drop it. We have stopped suggesting it to new users altogether. We have used owncloud for a couple of years, hoped it would improve, but it hasn't and we've given up any hope that it will improve in any significant manner any time soon, if ever.


You should certainly try out Nextcloud. We fixed the update process - for Nextcloud 13.0.0, more than 10.000 servers were updated in a few days without issues. Just look on twitter - I won't claim it is perfect, no software ever is, but we certainly fixed the updates for pretty much everybody.

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I really like it a lot! But the desktop notification of a missed call returns every 10 minutes.. that's annoying :(

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A quick tip: If you like to test and use ownCloud instantly, install it for free as a ready-to-use virtual machine image via Univention's App Catalog. This image contains the app itself and a UCS runtime environment. Apart from being quickly installed and free, you also get regular updates for the whole stack.