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I purchased OverGrive over a year ago and for a while, was pleased. After an Ubuntu update, it stopped working, so I emailed support. After a few emails, it was again working, but last week, after another Ubuntu update, it again stopped working.

I emailed support, waited a couple days, and received no answer.

I emailed a second time, waited again, no answer.

Three emails, days since, no response.

Today I received this:

_Subject: Re: overGrive again not working
From: Christiaan Diedericks <webmaster@thefanclub.co.za>
Date: Mon, Jun 12, 2017 1:59 pm

Wow - try and get Google or Apple to respond to emails_

Yep, I agree with Christian. They're no Google or Apple.

Don't waste your time or money.


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As noted in all the other reviews, the software is unstable and with each OS update, it requires the user reconfigure its permissions, etc. The apparent owner, "Christiaan," is rude at best. Note his last response to an email inquiry when overGrive yet again completely stopped working:

Check your old emails - all seven of them - asking the same question - STOP !
after three years and 7 emails - come on -

Yeah, Christiaan, come on. I deleted the app and will find another, hopefully one that is stable and one that comes with actual customer service.


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If it doesn't work, you're on your own. There is no documentation and no forum. If you email support, you'll get a rude response. Mine was
> read the instructions provided
That was the whole response. No documentation provided. No capitals, no punctutation, not even a "Hello".


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If there is a weakness with overgrive it is that it feels a little too dormant a product. It sits there working, but every time a new version of the Linux you use comes out you look at the website, and wonder what will happen if the code turns out to need a tweak.

So far, nothing bad has happened, but this week I had to dig out the activation code from my records, and also check whether I had a current version. Worst case, I would have to go back to using the web interface. After all the fuss there has been about flaws in the x86 chips, and long-term misunderstandings by developers, in the first half of 2018, the current version (and the website) feel a little too old.

But it keeps on working. The cost of the licence is so low that I could spend more money on beer without falling over. It's just that I have that uncertainty about the long term. At least you can try it out.