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The new version was forced onto my account. There wasn't a chance to opt in or out. I'm not a fan. I prefer the old Hotmail layout and such. Like the "Wave 4" update back in 2010. This one is not user friendly at all. It's slower than normal. Scrolling is difficult. Also, I am not able to block scam or junk emails.


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I use it much more than another accounts but sometimes it is slow


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  • Support export for all data including calendar, contacts, notes. Skype, tasks, etc
  • Access all apps in single window instead of opening new tab

Webmail is okay, can't say the same about the app

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While the web version of Outlook has improved a lot in the recent years in terms of functionality and web interface, the same cannot be said of the app (although, I am still waiting for the web version to signalize the entry of a new mail). The phone app for Android is laggy, slow and does not refresh on time. Emails are sorted into two groups and do not show up on the main screen.



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One thing I like about outlook.com is that it allows you to create aliases for emails - basically you have multiple emails, but they all are handled as a single account. gmail doesn't have such feature.


Advantages of Outlook.com (& AOL-Mail) over GMail

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Disadvantages of GMail and AOL-Mail:

  • In opposite to outlook.com you can send from your GMail-mail-address only a limited time. As soon as you receive dangerious spam-E-Mails (with higher risk since HeartBleed [6,7]) you must close your GMail-Account again, because it is not possible to change the primary address
  • If you use Gmail with your account, it's in April 2014 not possible to change your Gmail username after you've registered. You must, however, create another Google Account with a different Gmail username, if you will be a spam-victim one day, details see [1]
  • AOL: The primary Master Username will always have the Master Username status. This name CANNOT be changed, but you can remove the Designated Master Username status from any other Username at any time, Details see [5].
  • Google Mail is limited with 15GB, see https://www.google.com/settings/storage .
  • In AOL WebMail E-Mail Filters can be sorted, what is not possible using Google Mail. The missing E-Mail-Filter-Sorting-Feature ist the greatest weak point of Google Mail. ALL OTHER Mail-Accounts have a Mailfilter-Sorting-Facility. Mozilla Thunderbird has a good user interface for AOL Freemail and GMail using IMAP for access to your E-Mails from more than one Computer.
  • Thunderbird is able to put screenshots or pictures in new mails. This is 2009 not possible using only Google WebMail.

Advantages of Outlook.com (and AOL-WebMail):

  • In Outlook.com you can change all your 10 mail-addresses, if you will be a spam-victim without closing your Outlook.com account [8,9]: "Change your primary alias", "Ändern des primären Alias"

  • You can protect Outlook.com from hacking your account, because they offer a setting [3,4], that you need an additional security-code, sent per SMS, if you try to login the first time on another computer: "Two-step verification" or "Überprüfung in zwei Schritten". GMail also offers this security option [2] and call it also "Two-Step Verification" (Password + Phone).

  • AOL WebMail is ideal as E-mail archive or E-Mail-Backup utility for other Mail accounts because there is NO LIMITATION.

  • AOL can shift arriving E-Mails with E-Mail Filters in E-mail directories.

  • In distinction from GMail AOL WebMail is a FREE e-mail account with UNLIMITED storage.

[1] https://support.google.com/plus/answer/1045580?

[2] http://email.about.com/od/gmailtips/qt/How-To-Secure-Your-Gmail-Account-With-A-Password-And-Your-Phone.htm

[3] http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/two-step-verification-faq

[4] http://windows.microsoft.com/de-de/windows/two-step-verification-faq

[5] http://help.aol.com/help/microsites/microsite.do?cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&externalId=76366

[6] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heartbleed

[7] https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heartbleed

[8] http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/outlook/add-alias-account

[9] http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/outlook/add-alias-account


Outlook.com-advantages : categories, send from other account

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I have detected useful advantages of Outlook.com over GMail:

  • It is very easy to change my main email-Address. This is not possible in GMail, where an enourmous flood of spam-mails daily reaches my GMail-spam-folder (however it is filtered out in GMail very reliable). However I made a mistake writing the new mail-address. Changing it a second time is locked for an unknown time: "Try it later again". I tried already 5 times in a week to change the address. There should be an information, when a 2nd change is possible.
  • I gladly detected, that Outlook.com is more open for feature requests than GMail, because there is a Feedback-Button in the settings-menu. What I have not found until now, is a professional feedback platform as UserVoice for Outlook.com, where all users can vote for new features or improvements. Such a platform is the key to a very rapid improvement of a new software.

I have detected unique advantages of Gmail in Outlook.com:

  • You can add new categories and new folders, I think the pure category-system of GMail is very good
  • You can assign categories to emails with inbox-rules
  • You can send and receive emails from other email-addresses / accounts,
    e.g. from Yahoo throw-away-addresses. This unique feature I liked most at GMail.
  • I hope, in the after-beta-stage, inbox rules can have categories as precondition and can be changed in the position, in beta stage I did not see this very useful feature.

I hope that Outlook.com will have unique advantages of Gmail in the future:

  • If I search in GMail I also find results in Google Docs. This is very useful.
    If a search in Outlook.com would find results also in documents in Live SkyDrive, this would be fine. Outlook.com would take the biscuit and surpass GMail, if a search in Outlook.com would also find results in my evernote-account and in my local files by integrating Index Your Files (IYF).

I hope, that Outlook.com will not have the disadvantages of GMail:

  • I hope, that you can change emails after sending or receiving (as in Outlook for Desktop), what is not possible in Gmail (purpose: change email-title/subject for a better later finding of mails, if not meaningful enough or forgotten to edit, or correct orthographic mistakes before forwarding). Maybe attaching afterward-comments to emails could make it easier to find emails later again.
  • I hope, that you can store emails as local txt-files (as in Outlook for Desktop), what is not possible in Gmail. I make txt-files from emails with security prices and read this txt-files with a program for stocks- and funds recommendations. In Gmail-Mails I must copy to clipboard, paste and store as txt-file using ClipSave from Björn Salgert.
  • I hope, in the after-beta-stage, inbox rules can be changed/defined in the position (as in GMX, Thunderbird + Yahoo), so that I can make sure, that rule X always will be operated before rule Y. For Gmail this is not achievable.
  • I hope that Outlook.com will provide the biggest advantage of Yahoo-Mail: the 500 easily changeable throw-away-adresses
  • It would be useful to share an email by giving the email-URL to another person (similar to sharing in Google docs) only for people who know the link or for certain Outlook.com users.
  • Unstable font-selection in GMail: if I write a longer email with GMail I cannot see before sending away, that the fonts in groups of words (paragraphs) are not equal. I see it only later, if I get an answer to this email. I hope that outlook.com will not have this disturbing disadvantage and will have a button in the online-app to report bugs or suggest feature requests.
  • For analyzing spam-mails easier it would be very useful be able to define email-filters with a search for a text in the email-header. So I can see, to what of my mail-addresses an email has been sent, if this cannot be seen in the recipient-field of an email.

Only one forwarding rule is allowed in Outlook.com (beta)

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In Google Mail there are more than one forwarding rules allowed, what is very necessary.

Defining a 2nd forwarding rule is denied:

Defining a 2nd forwarding rule is denied

I like the idea of Outlook.com: hopes and opportunities

I think it is also necessary to be able to change the position (chronological order) of forwarding rules or rules setting a category, which unfortunately is not possible at Google Mail also. If one rule sets a category and another later operated rule has a category as precondition, it is very necessary to be able to change the position of rules.

Without this features, the rules become very complicated, because you cannot subdivide the rule-tasks to more different-rules by using categories, defined by pre-operated rules.

I hope that Outlook.com will not have this big disadvantage of GMail, if it will be out of the beta-stage.
It seems that Outlook.com has many of the big advantages of Gmail (send from other addresses), it would be fine if Outlook.com could provide the biggest advantage of Yahoo-Mail, the 500 throw-away-addresses. If the first characters of the throw-away-addresses could be choosed more freely, Outlook.com could become the greatest email-service.


outlook.com is currently in beta; it's still in developpment and many new features will come but you can post your comments and suggestions with the "cog-menu" > Feedback

Thank you very much for your information, camis. However, the cog-menu-Link is not reachable for me:


You don't have permission to access

You don't have permission to access /images/galleries/1531/Outlook8.png on this server.

I get the same message as reported an Aug.2nd, 2012: "Forbidden, You don't have permission to access /images/galleries/1531/Outlook8.png on this server. It seems to be not a public feedback-platform.

But in the app Outlook com there is a Feedback Button reachable with Settings -> Feedback:

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Outlook.com cannot receive and send email from my other Outlook account which is not hosted on Outlook.com and which does not support POP, IMAP, and SMTP.


On April 28th, 2016 no new/changed E-Mail-Filter-Rules can be added/saved to 483 existing rules

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I have already 483 active rules. You cannot filter rules to find double rules, which should be changed or deleted.
On April 28th, 2016 no new E-Mail-Filter-Rules can be added to 483 existing rules in my outlook.com-account. Even if I deleted some rules, other rules cannot be canged and new rules cannot be added. If I click "save a changed rule" the saving procedure does not finish.

I hope that Microsoft soon repairs this big bug with the E-Mail-Filter-Rules.


First come, first serve

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I have an account for live.com, one for hotmail.com and one for msn.com, all three with the same userid, and now I can't rename or add alias @outlook.com so I can have the service from MS on their new email, because it 'isn't available'. FAIL Microsoft. BIG FAIL. Now out there someone is got my userid on the outlook.com, while I keep the old MS 'stars' (hotmail, msn, live). I believe is logic to assign priority on merging services like this on the users that already got the userid asigned to them, and not what is happening right now. When Mac.com switched services, users had the choice to keep userid on the new service. Now what will be next? first was hotmail, then msn, then live, now outlook... will it be greenmonkeys? cinnamonfarts? milkwart? People at MS is getting it wrong. Now they opened again the door for impersonators and other garbage.


wtf! you CAN use your current Windows Live ID on outlook.com (all my family has moved to outlook.com and they're using the same ID).

And windows live just can't merge users from live.com, msn.com and hotmail.com to outlook.com because, for exemple, the person who have the id example@hotmail.com isn't necessarily the same person who have the id example@hotmail.co.uk so they just can't merge them. The rule's simple: first-come, first-served!

yes, wtf! I CAN'T use my current Windows Live ID on outlook.com, maybe your family CAN, but my ID is with somebody else. The rule's simple: MS FAIL

well, if you can't login to outlook.com with your hotmail account you should contact microsoft's help center