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I've been using Otter Browser for about a year and half now. Being a Opera user for about 18 years. I'm still hanging on to the last Presto engine with Opera 12.18. Just wish they hadn't gone and gotten all stupid, deciding to be Chrome's little brother. Call it what you want,,, it's Google! Most people don't know it, but the features that browser's have today, came from Opera. Multiple tabs, private browsing, saved sessions, popup/content blocker, mouse gestures and a great built-in e-mail client. There is more, just to many to list. Otter is the best browser holding on to the features and traditions that made Opera 12.18 great. Otter lets you customize it's look and feel any way you want. It's light and fast and has become very stable. In the past it was pretty buggie, but no longer is that the case. Most of the work on it has been under the hood. For that reason, Otter isn't the best looking girl at the dance. Going so far as to say, it has a face made more for radio. It's a work in progress that's coming along very nicely. After a coat of paint and hanging some curtains Otter will be everything Opera lost.