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A "product" priced as a "service" ..wait, more like; absurdly priced.

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Sure, you can connect to 30 something clouds accounts.. but what does that matter when you only get 2GB bandwidth from them ?

  • How odd for the "product" to be priced as as a "service" that limits bandwidth between you and third party clouds ?
    That's like me standing at McDonald's drive thru to charge you extra money if you order more than 1/4 of a burger and 1/8 of a soda...BUT.. you can also get a whopper from me.
    It's literally lame-developer insane.
  • Here's this; if you have 5 Gmail accounts and 3 have 15GB and 2 have 100GB... and you want to put 245GB of data into your drive space, this company wants you to pay them money for what would be free to do other ways.

IMHO, avoid this nonsense..there's better and sanely priced alternatives that don't have their hands in your wallet.

[Edited by sanityinacone, July 17] _More details.. so, to do the above example.. They expect you to pay $100 a year, for 50GB transfer per month.. which means you'd be 195 GB short of transfer needs... and at 0.49 cents per GB "overuse".. you'd have to pay $200. _

Who runs this company..and why are they extremely inept ?

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It's a pity

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that otixo cuts off the free accounts!

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free for watch and edit only
but upload is paidfeature


Sheer Value for the Money, flexibility, comprehensive list of cloud providers

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,,, and lightning-fast file transfer across cloud providers, too ! Interface has not many bells & whistles but gets the job done. 5 bucks a month for no-restriction cloud interface is a steal. Bandwidth of 2GB even for free users is more than enough to satisfy at least 95% of the users. TOPS !


Mini Review

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Otixo.com is one of the best "tools" for cloud storage.
Anyone hates the issues that has anyone to face if in one company (or anything) you have to join (manage) in two groups of one cloud company.
Example, if you have one dropbox for yourself and one for your company docs, you have to do Logins and Logouts all the time. Now, with Otixo you dont have to. It integrates the online folders of your dropbox accounts and voila, you can do anything with these two accounts, such as sending one folder to the other account with a simple drag and drop.

The above examples are just the beggining.

The best Pros of Otixo.com, is that supports WebDAV! So you don't have to complain again and again e.g. CX for not providing WebDav links, all you have to do is to Sign Up with Otixo, create a map network drive, put the link https://dav.otixo.com and you can manage dropbox, facebook, cx, 4shared, accounts from your pc with an internet connection, without the provider of the cloud, uses a WebDav link!

Sorry for my bad english, i hope that your eyes are not in terrible pain after this!