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During setting up hotspot, malwarebytes detected chin.adware. So I decided to uninstall ostoto. Anyone using ostoto please run a malwarebytes scan or equivalent. If you have set up hotspot, then there will be detection. Otherwise, during installation nothing was detected. Hotspot is working like a charm but that's not my point of writing this review.


well, it works.....

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Out of ALL the alternative "Connectify" equivalents I've tried, this one actually worked.... but its not great by any stretch.

My situation:
Needed a quick, easy solution to act as a "wifi repeater".
Using WindowsXP, and a USB wifi dongle(#1) to establish an internet connection with a very weak signal, I then connected another USB wifi dongle(#2) on a 2nd usb bus to avoid power issues (same computer, of course), then used this software to setup an AD-HOC connection as a "repeater". Im aware this can be done manually quite easily in XP. but i needed something quick, & easy. This worked to my surprise, but not very well. There is NOTHING as far as hardware selection or anything to configure. It would also randomly choose which dongle would receive & which would "repeat". THIS SUCKED! But, I've tried nearly ALL of the alternatives- at least this one worked. Not bad.


OSToto Hotspot works great

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I have been using OSToto Hotspot for almost two months. It could strongthen the singnal. I'd say it works as a portable router. Easy to use and quite convenient.

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