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This piece of software is the least user-friendly one you can get for Windows platform.
Unless you are majored in computer science you will 100% fail to make it work.
The so called "manuals" are basicly a specifications, list of features without any step by step instruction of how to make it work.
It seems that this extreme un-userfriendliness and the links to the product are hidden from their website is done on purpose, to push everyone to buy their uncompetitive commercial version of the product (which also requires your CVV code before you even install the product, which is at least suspicious)

save your time and ignore OpenVPN


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It's open source. It's cross platform and it's easy to use/configure


bypass a firewall simply

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I use the VPN Tunnels for 2 years already, I'm logged in on a public hotspot, and so I have ports that are locked... without a VPN I couldn't launch a game online, download P2P or anything that access has some sites!

Using a Manager as OpenVPN-Gui with configuration *.OVPN and server related, have can easily bypass any firewall or port.

Then there are good managers VPN, supplied with a server, such as FrozenWay or PrivateTunnel, but like many are limited... "Freemium" therefore software.

In short, the VPN is top! ;)


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It takes creating an online profile to use it - this makes the whole idea of anonymization obsolete


Private Tunnel?

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the downloaded package has another name, PrivateTunnel something,
that force new users to give them your CVV code in order to use 7 day free trial

the information given in this page is not match with the product available by proceeding the link attached


Hi choomaque.

Small Private Tunnel iconPrivate Tunnel is a freemium service provided by OpenVPN and sponsored on their homepage.
I have just changed the Official website link to the Community Software which is opensource :)