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Completely obselete

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Almost all of the OpenOffice employees have left and are working on LibreOffice. As a result, OpenOffice isn't updated anymore and has a lot of issues now. So use LibreOffice instead.


This is NOT better than Microsoft Office

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C'mon people...

I know you have allegiances to all-things-free, but calling Apache Open Office better than Microsoft Office is a complete joke. I've actually used both extensively (in an office environment) and Apache doesn't even come close. The PDF importing is buggy, the Office file import is buggy, among other things...

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It's FOSS for one thing. It's got a cooler logo than LibreOffice or MS Office, too! But seriously, it's also a great product, and far from what the media has been saying, it's anything but dead. Having just checked the Website a few moments ago, I noticed (a) they're hiring new developers, which a dying product wouldn't do; (b) the newest release was literally two days ago; (c) the Website itself is up-to-date and beautifully designed. The point is, it's perfect. =)


Does NOT work with macOS Sierra

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It will install, but will crash constantly. It also wants you to in stall the Java SDK 6, which no longer supported. Even if you were able to get that and install it, you can't install it because AOO keeps crashing.



Used to be good

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This app used to be great. Microsoft office is good if you're rich and have a ton of resources if not then this used to be the app to go to. Now it needs to be rewritten from so many people working on it that it is worse then MS office. Open source apps usually end up this way. Too many people working on them and not coordinated properly. I just switched to Google office for most things.


OpenOffice and Libreoffice: free alternative to Microsoft Office

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OpenOffice is the best free alternative to Microsoft Office.
Unfortunately not everyone has OpenOffice, so I prefer to save the files in Office format, as .doc for Word, because the extensions of OpenOffice, like .ODT for the Writer, can't be opened by everybody: it's just a precaution :P
If I have to send my file to someone else, I export it in PDF: OpenOffice has already integrated this feature.

Now I prefer Libreoffice: I trust more in Document Foundation than in Oracle, then it's opensource.

Oracle handed OpenOffice over to the Apache Foundation years ago. OOo is no more. Apache OpenOffice (AOO) has replaced it starting with 4.0.0. OpenOffice is compatible with other apps, but not their format. If you want some thing to be compatible with another app, you save in a format for that app, not the default OpenOffice format.