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Easily the best music tracker <3

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OpenMPT is the most versatile and advanced tool among free trackers, yet it has very friendly and convenient GUI, despite having huge amount of options. It has very good support for VST instruments, which makes it amazing, open source alternative to regular pianoroll based DAWs. Its playback engine, libopenmpt, is one of the best available out there, supporting all major module formats like IT, XM, S3M, MOD, and its own native OMPT, and is available as standalone library/precompiled plugins for media players. OpenMPT is capable of directly rendering compositions to Wave/MP3 streams, and has full MIDI controllers support. For now it's Windows only, but it was unofficially mentioned that Linux version is about to be released somewhere in 2016

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Nice but interface little bit complicate but if get use to not hard. maybe be alternative famitacker is basic.


Extremely frustrating for this newbie

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I cannot for the life of me figure out why I can hear my samples when I record them in my pattern, but I hear nothing when my sample is played back.

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So, I finally got it to work... for all of a couple seconds. It stopped working as soon as I unplugged my headphones. Then I plugged them back in and restarted it. Now I can't get it to work again. This software is really fragile and seemingly inconsistent.