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First of all, I have to admit that my experience on OpenCart isn't as extensive as it should to give a crushing review like I'm now giving. I'll try to explain why I'm giving such a low rating on this, as I too hate reviews with mindless bashing without explanation.

If you're not going to extend your use beyond the initial state of a default installation, go ahead: Install it, populate it with your crap and that's it. By default, the functionality of OpenCart is too simple to do any real business, unless you have low volume in sales, you have less than 30 products and you can process orders manually by hand. But, oh my god, anything beyond that... absolutely painful and cringeful.

API? Yes, there is but it's not documented and as soon as you have even a vague grasp of it you'll realize you can't really do anything with it. There are some 3rd party extensions that provide you an API. But they cost money. Imports, exports? Additional extensions, which cost money. Campaigns, client-specific prices? Additional extensions. They cost money.

OpenCart is a visually ugly blast from the past and will make you pay 200-300€(/mo :D) if you want to have even remotely as much functionality as the competitors offer.

But hey, if you're in a 3rd world country where automation can be substituted with the labor of one merry sweatshop, OpenCart certainly is for you.

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One word - soul-rending

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If someone asked me to say the definition of awfulness, I'd say "OpenCart".

The tangle of characters that the author of OpenCart publishes as a "code" of this $hitware is a highly dangerous thing to look at, because some people (especially those not accustomed to such $hit) may become blind immediately!

If you want to stay sane, then I'm warning you, stay away from this! Seriously.