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Probably discontinued

Comment by mll
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The website says :

The beta is closed.

Thanks for participating in the Demo!

If you want to setup your own server check out: Open365

Even though I had a beta account, the desktop app doesn't sync any more. So I guess the hosted app may have been closed.

As for the self-hosted app that's available on GitHub, the latest commit dates from 27 Jun 2016.

On Twitter, open365's last tweet dates from 19 Jul 2016, Open365 support's last tweet dates from 31 Aug 2016.
I also found a couple of unsourced tweets that talk about the service's discontinuation : ,

I'd still like to find an official announcement about the discontinuation before editing AlternativeTo. (And I'd also like to know why it happened, the service looked promising.)


One of the developers replied in a GitHub issue with the reason:

This project has been discontinued because Telefónica (spanish Telco) decided to stop supporting it's development.

Open365 was developed by a Spanish company, acquired by Telefónica, later business reasons led to cut the funds for the project.

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