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Very good competitor

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Open Office is a very good alternative for its (expensive) competitor Microsoft Office Word. In some ways it's even better, especially when placing different objects in your document. Unfortunately there are some Word documents that get messed up in Open Office.

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Sorry, Apache OpenOffice Writer.

I fixed the app you are talking about. No problem :)


Sorry but IMHO this is a VERY BAD option to Ms Office, in my case Writer - Ms Word in particular.
I've used Word for ages but now I don't want to buy for my personal PC. With OpenOffice I've found myself extremely limited in my endeavors. Really bad usability, changing entered data by default (auto-formatting) without a possibility to avoid it and just now Writer simply crashed...
Honestly, I think online editors might a better option...

@User4800649 You might try SoftMaker Office. Version 2018 has even a Ribbon menu, and it is highly compatible to Microsoft Office.