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Sometimes a little on the grainy side, but a valiant effort that might satisfy some.

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I love open source software. But I have to be honest and say that, as delighted as I am that Open Note Scanner exists, it's not up there with the very best just yet. However, it is reasonable and open source enthusiasts might find its weaknesses quite liveable-with.

Compared to CamScanner, just for example, Open Scan Note:

  • has better recognition of what it's looking at (understands it's a document and catches the right shape)
  • produces grainer images of documents it catches under the same lighting conditions
  • produces decent (not excellent) scans in bright environments
  • produces noticably lower-quality scans (e.g. of text) in medium-well lit environments, compared to CamScanner
  • does not stamp the scan with branding, unlike CamScanner and other free apps of this sort
  • has more limited options for combining taken scans into a single .pdf document.

By contrast, CamScan does brand scans you take with it and needs (very) slight assistance in selecting appropriate boundaries for the objects it is asked to scan. But it does allow you to combine several pages into one.

Both apps have a menu from which you can share your document (E.g. to Evernote, Seafile, Tresorit or whatever else you happen to have an account with).

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I totally agree with you, but FYI CamScanner only puts watermarks if you export as a pdf.

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Very useful, but you need a black background or it will be hard to detect the edge of the paper