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Little font information.

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"This software also includes Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX and Microsoft .NET Framework 4, which is required for software to run."

Total not effective, not useful software.

Adware installer included.
THX for AdvareFrelly


Nearly Compulsory installation of other software

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Open Freely attempts to install the 'Yahoo Toolbar', makes Yahoo the default home page and search engine.

If you want, you can deselect all of the Yahoo stuff; this is misleading because you are deselecting greyed out options, which remain greyed out during this process.

Click Next and you get another screen that says it will install 4 additional packages:
-arcade parlor
-content explorer
-blitz media player
-clean water action reminder
There appears to be no option - just discriptions of what will be installed.

At the bottom of this screen is an easily overlooked text 'customize installation'. It is a live link, which will not change color until you select it, making it nearly hidden.

After selecting, you are offered check boxes to remove installation of these packages.