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Oogwave Reviews

Great for Internal and External Collaboration

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Oogwave helps you do two things.

  1. Allows you to find information that others have shared,
  2. Allows everyone to easily share things with everyone in a manner that others can find it.

There are 4 Apps build within Oogwave to help you achieve the above 2 objectives with your Files, Notes, Tasks and Conversation.

Collaboration is enabled for both internal and external people outside company.

Easy to use. Free to start.


Oogwave Product Review

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Oogwave Team Collaboration tool at a glance

Bottom-Line: Oogwave is a simple online collaboration tool, esthetically made with an appealing user interface. There is no downloads required, so it can be used from any Internet-connected device computer, smart phones and iPad.

Pros: Account setup is easy, and takes around a minute. The service is on freemium model, so Users can register without any charges. Once done the tool shows quick tips and display alert to invite colleagues to the workgroup.

Cons: The free package does not allow voice and video chat. There is a 100MB single file maximum size limit and there is no tool to sync the files automatically from desktop. These features and more advanced features will be activated soon but with small fee as per the company. Currently no pricing model has been revealed.

Storing & Sharing Files within group

With unlimited storage space, you can upload any number of files, documents, images or videos till they are under 100MB per file. Only if you will be working primarily with large multi-media files, you may have to wait for their paid feature.

The upload process is easy, you just have to choose the file from your hard drive, and upload it. Files storage is folder based. You can upload multiple files at one go also. You have option to upload files in group sharing folders or personal folders (if you wish to keep files private). You can also set permission on a folder to restrict members for upload/edit/delete feature on files of a folder. All standard format files can be directly viewed within Oogwave, with the integrated ‘Google Doc s’. Within same screen group members can add comments on the file, just like facebook image comments. Documents can also be downloaded from Oogwave for editing, and then re-uploaded. On each upload of same file Oogwave automatically maintains version of files for future reference. Currently last 5 versions are maintained on free model.

Working Collaboratively

Users create teams by sending e-mail invitations to their co-workers, who then join the workgroup. Team member sign up for the Oogwave only requires them to choose password and they are ready to go and can immediately begin to collaborate. The good point is no one can automatically join your group, unless they have the invitation.

Members can start a discussion on projects or for ideas with everyone or selected colleagues. Each time a member contribute to a discussion team members are also notified by emails, if they have opted for the same by following the discussion.

You can also make a project plan, with selected colleagues or everyone in the group. Everyone can add task, assign them to members with due dates and priority and get auto updates on task completion or when task is due. As a team the discussion and planner, jointly allows you to have the visibility about activities within your group with everyone in sync.

Oogwave also keeps track of versions of files and any other documents, and users can view all previous versions so they can compare and contrast documents. There is also a comment option on each file where members can add their comments/views/guidelines and team members can see all the comments at one place. The comments are independent of file versions and are carried forward for each new version.
Members can also assign each other tasks, they can request status if it is not completed on due date and they get an automatic email when the task is completed by the assigned member.

**Team Communication **

Oogwave users can use the inbuilt chat feature for one-to-one or group chat. There is an additional feature Omail (internal messaging) to send quick message to multiple members or everyone in the workgroup. Omail allows the conversation view among members. Members can also mark message to follow at later point in future, for auto reminder on the due date. Omail in a way allows separation of team communication which helps to prioritize team messages and communication, which sometimes get lost in our normal email inbox.

A Good Collaboration Tool

Oogwave is a user-friendly tool, with online user guide, support blog and 24hr response guaranteed email support for everyone, that make it easy to use it. It looks and feels great, with high functionality and intuitive features.

What I found most useful about Oogwave is that it helps to keeps track of all files, tasks, discussions, communication, project information, organization documents, standard templates, personal notes and my team together at one place. Easily accessible and nothing is ever missed or forgotten. With good and simple search feature I can also find anything with just some reference text.


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