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Evernote killer in beta? I hope so.

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OneHeap seems to be an Evernote-inspired, web-based task/note/agenda manager developed and hosted in Germany. It doesn't have Win/Mac/Linux/mobile clients - it works only online and has no web browser add-on or clipper. However, the focus of One Heap seems to be task management, more than note or file-storage.

It can store files of any type, but you can't add those into notes themselves, and you can't upload them via drag-n-drop.

However, it does have a very good search and tag function, and a calendaring/agenda system that is much more useful than anything Evernote has offered. That alone might sway it for some people. Additionally, it has several complementary ways of structuring your data, according to Agenda or Boxes and so on. It's all logically thought through.

As I said, One Heap is in beta, it's not yet complete, but it does work quite well already. It is also presently free (as in beer) to use, seemingly without restrictions to functionality. I guess that won't last if this project goes forward. Sadly, for the 18 months or so that I've been aware of One Heap, progress seems to have been minimal. Their blog's latest entry was over 2 years ago, and if it wasn't for the fact that the copyright year on their website was updated in 2017 (it's April 2018 now), I'd think they've given up. That would be a shame, as it looks like they have an interesting thing going here.

A note on security & privacy:
As this app would store all my private notes, thoughts, events and files... I was curious to read their privacy/security policy. Sadly, very little was available. Evernote have had their fair share of controversy on this point, and you might think twice before letting a US-based company store all your files without client side encryption.
How does OneHeap compare?
Well, absolutely nothing at the moment in the way of a privacy policy, which is unforgivable. On security, a feature on their main page states they offer "Encrypted connection to the oneheap servers in a german datacenter." This is a reference to TSL connections, which protect your data in transit, not at rest. It does not mean your data is encrypted on their server, and even if it was, it doesn't mean OneHeap wouldn't have the keys. However, unlike Evernote, there is a hint that OneHeap are at least aware of what this is: they cite client side-encryption as "in development" for passwords and other confidential data. I consider ALL my data to be confidential, so I hope that OneHeap get client-side encryption going for all content, make desktop and mobile clients and thereby create an Evernote killer.

If OneHeap's devs are listening, I have a small piece of advice: The name is terrible. "One heap of sh*t" rolls off the tongue all too easily. I get the sentiment (it's supposed to be the "one heap" where you find all your stuff), but from a PR point-of-view, the name needs a little work, imho.

Updated: 2018-04-18