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An excellent FF add-on.

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OmniSidebar is an excellent addon that allows you to place Bookmarks, Add-ons, Downloads and other frequently-used menus and space-containing stuff in a sidebar that you can access easily with a single icon button. It's especially useful if you have a decently sized screen for which you can afford to use a bit of the width to have something useful.

I have used OmniSidebar for four years and it's one of the top 7 or 8 extensions I reflexively install every time I set up Firefox.

Sadly, the developer of OmniSidebar has discontinued its development. He cites Firefox's recent (2016) commitment to web extentions rather than Addons like this (more info here: http://fasezero.com/addons/ ). OmniSidebar will stop working at some point in 2016 when Firefox 57 comes out. Very sad as it's an excellent little thing that makes browsing a little more convenient. No. Quite a bit more.


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i really love this addons

Unfortunately The add-on will not receive any more updates and will stop working by next November with Firefox 57, when XUL-based add-ons will be deprecated in favor of the WebExtensions API.