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The coolest file manager in the world!

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A cool modern alternative to your orthodox Total Commander.

Looks like it can do everything Total does, and adds many more features.
Many original ideas around improving management of your files and folders, wrapped into a good-looking UI, which you can customize to look the way you want, even like the old Total. But, why would one want that?
By "oMega Commander is more than a file manager" they mean, you have immediate quick access to system functions or to web sites.
Funny helping animations are just a pure joy to see.
If you get lost among numerous settings, just type what you are looking for in the search and you will be directed to the right control.
Powerful viewer and editor, supporting syntax highlight for practically any file format, may replace someone a programming IDE, especially on the go.
Did I forget to mention, it's fast and small? Must be running native without any Java or .NET VMs.

Check it out, give oMega (shouldn't it be named just "Mega"?) Commander a try!