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The coolest file manager in the world!

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A cool modern alternative to your orthodox Total Commander.

Looks like it can do everything Total does, and adds many more features.
Many original ideas around improving management of your files and folders, wrapped into a good-looking UI, which you can customize to look the way you want, even like the old Total. But, why would one want that?
By "oMega Commander is more than a file manager" they mean, you have immediate quick access to system functions or to web sites.
Funny helping animations are just a pure joy to see.
If you get lost among numerous settings, just type what you are looking for in the search and you will be directed to the right control.
Powerful viewer and editor, supporting syntax highlight for practically any file format, may replace someone a programming IDE, especially on the go.
Did I forget to mention, it's fast and small? Must be running native without any Java or .NET VMs.

Check it out, give oMega (shouldn't it be named just "Mega"?) Commander a try!


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I like the Manager very much. It is compact, fast and at the same time very functional. It has detailed help, and menu commands contain keyboard hints. Except those marked, I will note the advantages of viewing by extensions. You can use it to assign your favorite viewer for each group of files . For example, for viewing graphics - IrfanView, for pdf and djvu - Sumatra, etc. In other programs by Association, it is less convenient: you need to go to the context menu. I wish oMega to become the most popular Manager! Sorry for my English.


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This application is so polished!

Love all those (micro)features like:

During find file operation:

  • It displays (in titlebar) a current directory it searches in
  • Every such directory has small clickable 'x' aside, to skip it in search. Very handy

When you rename a file by F2:

  • this happens in-place
  • when you press UP or DOWN, the rename feature switches to another file


  • Ctrl + Mouse Scroll to zoom fonts in/out (separate panels have own zoom levels)
  • Responsiveness
  • Sometimes fancy quick animations:
    • text quickly popping out of the window for half a second or so - to get your attention
    • try dragging a directory tree panel and watch how the app is graphically helping you where to stop if you want it docked :)


  • Files in directory being quickly filtered just by typing letters
  • Flat View (all files from all subdirectories are at hand)
  • Highlight largest and most recent files in opened directory
  • Internal Windows feature for having many sessions + files opened at once
  • Directory Tree + it being able to track your active directory (by opening it or highlighting way to it)
  • Searchable settings
  • Many more...

This application feels good, feels like smooth polished game.

The UI is unusual, it reminds me of Enlightenment E17 Window Manager.

I have seen that manager for very short time only, but I remember it also had unusual UI which felt fast and fancy.

Not talking about ease of use - oMega is easy and helpful (E17 - I don't know).

oMega is full of implemented ideas on how to make your time spent with the computer enjoyable.

It feels like alive environment in a way :).

There are many slow apps where you cannot resize anything, cannot drag anything, cannot decide on placement, and things are generally clunky. Too many such apps.

oMega is the opposite of that. It's a gem among others :).

Check their gallery if you wish to see it in action: https://pylonos.com/omega/gallery


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you can increase the font size of toolbar labels and everything.


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The ribbon technology is what let me buy this software on a lifetime basis.
I can automate a lot of commands saving a lot of time this way.


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This is nice, powerful and fast!


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This is a Swiss Army Knife of file managers and reminds me of one I used to love from my Windows 3.1 days. Works as is, but is very customizable to help increase one's efficiency and productivity in ways specific to individual needs and routines. Plan to spend some time getting to know it, but that time spent will quickly pay off as you start harnessing the amazing power under the hood of this impressive "file manager".


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I have already tested many Commander and have stayed with this one. I decided to buy the version because I think that the programmers involved deserve some support. It is incomprehensible to me why oMega is so unknown, it definitely deserves more attention!