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OfficeReports reviewed in Quirks

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Tim Macer gave this review in the mazine Quirks lately: OfficeReports is a new survey reporting tool:
.. it converts PowerPoint into a fully functional crosstab tool which presents all of its output as PowerPoint slides. It also does the same for Microsoft Word. In either case, once the software is installed – and an OfficeReports license will give you both flavors – it appears as
an additional menu item on the ribbon, with a small number of tools on display. You could be forgiven for thinking it does little more than Excel’s pivot table function, as its just reveals a few key functions in the ribbon, such as the one to import a data file. Nothing could be further from the truth. This does everything a seasoned researcher would expect a desktop crosstab tool to do. Filters, weighting – applying and generating weights; multi-response
data; a whole slew of sig tests; top-two boxes – you name it and OfficeReports seems to have an
option to do it.

You can read the article here: http://www.officereports.com/Downloads/201406_quirks_excerpt.pdf

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