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Don't be fooled

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Just because this software is open source doesn't mean it's secure. Nylas stores all your passwords and emails on their own servers by default in order to run their sync engine. What a retarded concept.


Questionable architecture

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N1 does not actually talk to IMAP/SMTP servers itself. It only talks to the "Nylas Sync Engine", which is their backend API, running on AWS. What this means to you is that by setting up your email account in N1, you're actually handing over your credentials to their backend, which will then talk to your mail service provider on your behalf. This is only briefly mentioned on their FAQ page, and you could easily miss it even if you read it; it is never clearly stated on either the N1 homepage, on its download page, or in the app itself.


I am also worried by the default option, which is as you describe. However, the Nylas Sync-Engine is open source, and can be run on your own server (including a virtual box server on your computer). So with some effort (following the steps described in the ReadMe here: https://github.com/nylas/sync-engine ) you can avoid handing your credentials to their backend.

But I agree that it isn't straight-forward.

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Missising key-important ability to remove messages from trash is doing from Nylas Mail only the perfumed corpse in comparison to Thunderbird, K9-mail, Claws mail, Sylpheed and other full-featured mail clients I know - after trying Nylas I am very disappointed with it, and I delete this very pretty application. Will it finally wake up its developers after their century of sleep?


Open-source, but not working properly and unsupported.

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Looks nice in theory: good UI, based on the modern Electron framework. Lots of features on paper.

It's been open-sourced by the developers but it's unsupported, left on its own.

I installed it but I was unable to connect a simple IMAP account with the very same settings that worked in Thunderbird.

I've been looking for a free alternative to Thunderbird - one that can access multiple accounts, handle a big email database, search fast etc.

This looked good but it's not working and unsupported. On the contrary, Thunderbird is time-tested and very stable. Even if the UI and its features are a bit outdated: it's working and it's open source!



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good interface, although a bit sluggish on older hardware (it's actually based on github's atom)
will probably get even better
works like geary, but has more options