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can't recommend any longer

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This was a great app but it started getting buggy after a recent update. It's so bad, that their Facebook page had 2 live tech support "events" yesterday. Support for English users is pretty much non-existent. They haven't replied to emails in over a week. At this point it errors out each launch before I am able to do anything. A complete wipe and reload of the app doesn't help. It also asks you to turn on virtual technology support in your bios, mine is already on. It was a decent app but 8.0.3 is totally worthless. (Win10 gaming laptop 8core i7 2.7ghz 32gig ram, geforce gtx 1070 - waaaay more than recommended system specs)

If support was responsive and had a solution... or even an update that they knew there were issues and working on it, I wouldn't be posting this. Making emulators isn't child's play and I do expect issues. Determining a good one is dependent just as much on how they respond to the inevitable issues that will arise as they have to update the emulator to stay in line with constantly evolving mobile technology as it is on the emulator itself. They are failing for English speakers. The are quite a few active forums that google translates from Chinese (simple) ... but much gets lost in translation so they don't help either.


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This Emulator is currently one of the best and it is PORTABLE !

of course i find memu are much faster in running games but nox can be used to run apps smoothly



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Just like Bluestacks, this emulator forcibly installs unwanted spam apps that the user cannot remove. This is malicious behavior. Do not install.


ROOT the OS and remove the apps, and block stuff with AdAway app.
Obviously you don't know how this emulator works. Just do a Google search.

Nox is best

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Worked absolutely perfectly out of the box. No complaints what so ever. Highly recommend.

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The Mac version is infected with OSX/InstallCore.fx malware according to VirusBarrier scanner


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It work well actually.
But the virtual disk size keep growing for no reason, I only install 2 games it takes 3GB on the first day, and turn into 14GB after a few weeks, so I'll need to remove that emulator and reinstall 2 games again every month, and again it only take 3GB and work perfect, then it keep growing again.
Clean up option just never work, it take forever to finish (sometime it just stuck at 99%) and only said 10MB cleared, but in reality it eat another 100MB from my hdd (I manually check it.)


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I can't use because i got an APPCRASH when i was trying to connect to Google App Store. So, i can't download any app (Win7 32)


I resolved it by clearing data for both Google Play Store and Google Play Services.

I used to rely on BlueStacks

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But this is so much better than BlueStacks. It's faster, doesn't crash as often and, what I really like about it, it doesn't install tons of dubious, spammy or malware apps without your consent. A definite recommendation for those who want to emulate Android apps.



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My PC crashed with blue screen after started.

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The player has worked very well on my PC. Sorry you've had trouble with it, I wonder if it might be due to a hardware driver issue? Their site does include a support email:

Maybe you could try contacting them to see if they could look into it?

The best, Littlerly!

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This is the best android emulator app for sure.


1- Super fast. (you'll feel like you're using a normal android phone, or even better!)
2- Easy to move files from/to windows.
3- You can get root access within it's settings.
4- Screen capture + Video recorder + Macro recorder.
5- The ability to play games using keyboard. (adjusting keyboard shortcuts for touches, swipes, tilts)

and for many more reasons!

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Totally agree. It took me a while to get around to testing this one but I'm amazed that it's not mentioned more as it's just so good all around. I likewise see this as the best emulation experience so far.

Some emulators don't adjust well for fullscreen use, some don't even support it. This one does it right and instantly switches between windowed and fullscreen.

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i download rules of survival but i can't play they said not supported emulator., please help me and thanks in advance